Monday, August 11, 2008

Another Comment From Rod and Update

UPDATE: MRI done less than 12 hours after surgery was "beautiful." Things are looking good, but, of course, it's not over.
However, another good sign is that he's no longer in the hospital. Isn't that amazing????


While Rod was in recovery just a few hours after surgery (and trying to work), we reminded him that Dr. Patel said not to use his brain during the first week and to take it easy.
Obviously, he doesn't know Rod very well. Rod was working and meeting with associates within an hour of his surgery!
Tonight, we reminded him that he needs to relax and forget work. He replied that this would mean: "Shealy Survives Surgery; Dies of Boredom."


Anonymous said...

God is good. So glad to hear the good news. Take care of yourself.
Linda & Ray

Winstons Girl said...

Sounds like Rod is as sharp as ever! So thankful to hear the good news!

T.J. said...

Rod and Family,

I have been following Rod's antics for quite some time now and I must say that I am a HUGE fan. I was shocked and saddened when I heard about his medical condition. I was both relieved and happy when I heard that the surgery was a success. Rod is a very special person and I am glad that he will be sticking around with us for quite a while longer. Y'all will be in my prayers for strength and a speedy recovery. And when you feel up to it, toss me a line and I will buy you a barbecue sandwich of your choice at any 'que joint in the greater Cola area.


Amy Zielke said...

I don't know Rod but he sounds like quite the character. So happy to hear the surgery was a success.

Charles M. Dulaney said...

Such a relief to hear that Rod is kicking cancer butt in a tedious round #2.
-Love to all Shealy's--who I know have been though quite an ordeal over the last few days. Call me if I can do anything.

Doug Jolley said...

Praying for you, big guy. Give us an update! It's been three weeks since we've heard anything.