Tuesday, August 26, 2008

This is Ernie Lawhorne and I just happened to go through my "trash" in emails and for some reason Sherry's invite got intercepted...so just seeing it and knew how well things had gone with surgery. If you recall, my mom and yours were World Book sales ladies for years and I broke my first bone at your parent's place....fell off the trapeze and broke my wrist! My most vivid memory of being 10 & with your family.... but without going through all the years, while sometimes voted with you and sometimes not, I've always been amazed at how much you get done on so many fronts....where does the energy come from? I guess it's pretty clear having known Ryan and Elsie over the years.

So, now you get to fight & win this battle! I have some history with it with my sister (40 years ago) and others and know how key it is to keep the energy and spirit through the treatment....you'll do that without problem, but if I can do anything in addition to pray for your speedy recovery, you or Sherry let me know! I'll follow things through the blog in the meantime.... Ernie

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