Sunday, September 7, 2008


Doug Jolley posted a request for an update about Rod.
Rod is busy working - newspaper business, political consulting business, Gatsbee's - and who knows what else!!
It's my understanding that he'll have some conservative follow-up treatment, but Dr. Patel removed the entire tumor.
Such terrific news!


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

This is Ernie Lawhorne and I just happened to go through my "trash" in emails and for some reason Sherry's invite got just seeing it and knew how well things had gone with surgery. If you recall, my mom and yours were World Book sales ladies for years and I broke my first bone at your parent's place....fell off the trapeze and broke my wrist! My most vivid memory of being 10 & with your family.... but without going through all the years, while sometimes voted with you and sometimes not, I've always been amazed at how much you get done on so many fronts....where does the energy come from? I guess it's pretty clear having known Ryan and Elsie over the years.

So, now you get to fight & win this battle! I have some history with it with my sister (40 years ago) and others and know how key it is to keep the energy and spirit through the'll do that without problem, but if I can do anything in addition to pray for your speedy recovery, you or Sherry let me know! I'll follow things through the blog in the meantime.... Ernie

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Even More Messages for Rod

Hey, Rod! Saw your momma at the Porth family reunion on Sunday, and was so happy to hear such a good report! News of your continued ability to bounce back, shouldn't have surprised me at all, as you have been bouncing back ever since you 'bounced' back up off that pavement when we were kids! My family and I will continue to pray for your (speedy) recovery. May the good Lord bless you and keep you. Love, Cousin Lyn Lyn Powell Calahorrano

I'm so happy he is recovering nicely. He has been in my prayers every day. You have such a wonderful family. Please let him know of my message. buddy (Judge Marvin F. "Buddy" Kittrell)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Rod's Recuperation

Well, I guess Rod is recuperating, but he must be working while he's recuperating. He sent me an e-mail at 3:37 AM and another at 7:40 AM. Surgery was Monday afternoon and those e-mails were sent Thursday morning (Wednesday night?) What's more, there was one from him the previous morning at 4:14 AM. So much for doctor's orders to rest.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Just a Few of the Messages for Rod

The following message was received by sister Christy for Rod:


I was not sure just how to convey our message so took the liberty of the internet.

Please accept our thoughts and prayers for Rod and your family during his illness. He’s such a unique, wonderful person. And he admits to “dancin’ to the beat of a different drummer”. His interactions with many people of different walks of life always seem to leave them with a renewed sense of being. He inspires folks. And maybe that’s what God has placed him here to do. If so, we are reminding God that there are many, many more folks to inspire. We love Rod and Pat and your family. Please convey to him ….. “What if the hokey pokey IS what it’s all about?” He’ll probably understand this better than I.

Our blessings are with you all.

Carol Williams and family

From Pastor & Elizabeth Moore

Dear Sherry,
We have just returned from a visit to South Carolina and have just opened last week’s e-mail, learning about Rod’s upcoming surgery. I was the guest preacher at one of the Lexington area churches and sermon preparation kept me away from dealing with e-mail. I regret that. Old pastors take a longer time to prepare sermons so that one does not take a manuscript into the pulpit. As Elizabeth always reminds me “We don’t like to be read to.” {not very good English}
I could not improve on Rod’s prayer, but prayers are being lifted up from the Moore household.

Our love,

George and Elizabeth

From Mom's neighbor:

Thanks Sherry for the information. Hope that everything goes well for Rod tomorrow. We are certainly keeping Rod in our Prayers. Let me know how surgery goes tomorrow. I think that Pastor Rawl is going to be there for the Surgery. Sarah

photo from The State

From David Pearlman:

Sherry--thanks for sharing this with me---very inspiring and thought provoking---Please tell rod to add my prayers to all that have come his way from his many friends.

From Margaret Mathis:

Hi Sherry,I just want to wrap my arms around the entire Shealy family Tell Rod that we WILL!!! SING AND PLAY AGAIN AND MAYBE MAKE IT TO NASHVILLE!!!!! Love,thoughts and prayers Margaret Mathis

From Judy Stancil:

Hi, Sherry!What a joy reading about your family and getting to see you all in pictures! . . . .Most of all, we are all praying for Rod's successful operation on Monday. His letter was beautiful. Will forward.Love and prayers,Judy Stancil

From Sue George:

Sherry----------thank you for sending------------it touched my heart. I share what you are going through. Jesus Christ is the absolute greatest oncologist on earth ! His will is Rods heart what comfort that must bring you.... Rods testomy will help so many, I am pleased he is my brother -in- Christ. I am forwarding this to my loved one another cancer patient'/ family member as I am sure countless others will be doing. Rod is doing his greatest high calling/writing/testifing/ showing the new commandment of loving one another. How proud I am of your dear brother ! Please let him know that - as well------- as my Christian love and prayers are with him. It sounds to me like he has to oooooooo much work left here to do to be thinking of his home-going...and besides he's got to help our new president get elected !


From Lee Spence:


Thank you for sharing this with me. I love your entire family and I am praying for all of you. I have always considered Rod to be one of the very finest men that I have ever known. . .one of the most practical and honest of the many fine persons that I have been so fortunate to know. I have always, admired, appreciated and respected Rod's unique blend of keen insight, extraordinary intelligence and offbeat humor and it was with great sadness that I read of his cancer. Please pass on my thoughts and love.
Dr. E. Lee Spence

From Lyn Powell Calahorrano

Dear Sherry,This is shocking and disconcerting news. I am sorry for all of you that you will have a tough row to hoe for a while. Rod's column is a beautiful testimony to faith, hope and love. Rod referenced his newspaper...I'm afraid I don't know what he means. Could you please tell me more, and give me an address for Rod? Of course, I will keep ya'll, and especially Rod, in my prayers,and will share this email with my family. Thank you so much for sharing this with me.Sherry, please keep me up to date with Rod's condition. And you know that I mean this from the bottom of my heart when I say, if there is ANYTHING we can do to help, just ask.With love,Lyn

Monday, August 11, 2008

Another Comment From Rod and Update

UPDATE: MRI done less than 12 hours after surgery was "beautiful." Things are looking good, but, of course, it's not over.
However, another good sign is that he's no longer in the hospital. Isn't that amazing????


While Rod was in recovery just a few hours after surgery (and trying to work), we reminded him that Dr. Patel said not to use his brain during the first week and to take it easy.
Obviously, he doesn't know Rod very well. Rod was working and meeting with associates within an hour of his surgery!
Tonight, we reminded him that he needs to relax and forget work. He replied that this would mean: "Shealy Survives Surgery; Dies of Boredom."

Rod -- After Surgery

When surgery was over, Rod immediately asked Dr. Patel if Jesus was in the room. Dr. Patel replied that Jesus had been there but that he (Patel) had sent him away because he knew God wasn't ready for Rod yet!