Sunday, August 10, 2008

Counting Down: Rod is Busy

Tonight The Dawg and I met Rod and his wife, Pat, at a Summerville restaurant. It’s less than 24 hours until his surgery for a cancerous brain tumor, but you’d never know it. He’s working full steam ahead. In fact, he and I are working tomorrow morning until about 12 noon.
As soon as he arrived at the restaurant, he asked Pat for her car keys so he could go check something in the car. (Rod is under doctor’s orders not to drive because of problems he’s having related to the tumor.)
When he returned, he asked Pat if she had his wallet. No, she didn’t have his wallet.
As it turns out, he had left his wallet back in Orangeburg, 50 or so miles away, at a gas station when they filled up the tank.
Rod called someone with whom he works who was headed down this way. Her name is Kelly; Rod asked her to stop at the same station and see if she might find the wallet, which contained not only bank cards but loads of important papers, he said. He told Kelly which gas station, the pump number and other details.
A short while later, as we ate and talked, Kelly called and said she had the wallet. It was right on top of pump 5 where he left it. That wallet remained on that pump for about an hour! Isn’t that amazing?
We all agreed it was amazing indeed.
Someone mentioned that Rod had experienced a lot of good luck this week. But, as Pat commented, we hope his luck, good fortunes and blessings weren’t used up tonight. After all, the surgery is tomorrow!

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